Master thesis – UV Nanoimprint Lithography for drug-screening chips fabrication

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Master thesis - UV Nanoimprint Lithography for drug-screening chips fabrication

Team Functional Surfaces and Nanostructures

Nanoimprint Lithography is a method to replicate high resolution nanostructures on large area. This is done by pressing a nanostruc-tured stamp into a soft (UV-curable) pre-polymer on a substrate.
While the stamp is in contact with the polymer, the material is cured by e.g. UV-irradiation and then the stamp is removed, resulting in a nanostructured hard polymer on the substrate. UV nanoimprint lithography has the potential to bring forth a cost-efficient fabrication process for advanced nanoelectrode arrays, suitable for (automatized) drug-screening using tissue models grown on a chip. The work of this master thesis will be part of the funded project NEAT (Nano Electrode Arrays for stem-cells derived Tissues), coordinated by Profactor.
PROFACTOR is an applied research center located in Steyr. We conduct research in the field of additive micro/nano manufacturing and industrial assistive systems. Our team consists of around 70 employees from 15 different academic fields. We work across disciplines to find solutions for the manufacturing industry and set standards in robotics, machine vision, simulation, 3D printing, functional surfaces and nanostructures.

Your tasks

The goals of this master thesis are

  • to investigate basic processes for the replication of sub 200 nm high aspect ratio nanoscales features
  • to investigate different biocompatible materials for imprinting and characterize their mechanical properties
  • to investigate the interface issues and compatibility among the different materials to make possible the multi-material process

We are looking for

Motivated students with a hands-on mentality in the field of physics, nanotechnology, material science, chemistry or similar studies.

We offer

  • the possibility to work in cutting edge R&D projects with renowned industrial partners
  • flexible working hours
  • the chance to be part of a young, interdisciplinary and cooperative team



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September 2020 / 6 months (extendable depending on performance)

Our Mission

PROFACTOR's research improves the competiveness of European Industry. We are pioneers of the thinking production. We bring production back home.

We offer for master thesis a compensation of 450 EUR per month.

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Questions? Please contact: Dr. Elena Guillén +43 7252 885-403.