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  1. Expert IT-Management (m/f)

    OMV AG
    • Austria
    am 9.3.2020

    Your responsibilities: Coordination of all IT tasks and IT governance between the department teams as well as essential internal and external stakeholders based on the following specified objectives: Co-design of the IT system...

  2. Team Lead Card Value Added Services (m/f)

    OMV AG
    am 11.2.2020

    Your responsibilities: Business ownership of new and existing Card Value Added Services (VAS) and full commercial accountability for VAS turnover and income, Lead the Value Added Service (VAS) team and develop overall Card...

  3. Head of Department Procurement - Unit Well Related (m/f)

    OMV AG
    am 21.1.2020

    Your responsibilities: End-to-end accountability of all procurement tasks (planning, optimization, tendering, ordering and managing the suppliers) for the categories: DME, Drilling Services, Reservoir, Seismic, Sub-surface...

  4. Logistics Manager (m/f)

    OMV AG
    am 22.10.2019

    Your responsibilities: Manage all primary logistics operations (barge and RTC) and associated costs with special focus on Bio transport, semi-finished products Petrochemical-, Refinery transfer, Origination and special product...

  5. Head of Department Common Apps & Automation - REFOCUS (m/f)

    OMV AG
    am 3.9.2019

    Your responsibilities: Directing and supervising all delivery activities of the Common Apps and Automation subordinated departments and acting as a main contact-, escalation and proactive feedback instance towards business...

  6. Head of Department Delivery Management (m/f)

    OMV AG
    am 7.6.2019

    Your responsibilities: Accountable for leading the CoE Delivery Management including the departments International Services, IT service, vendor & license management and portfolio and project management of all strategic IT programs/projects...

  7. Team Leader Facility Management (m/f)

    OMV AG
    am 5.6.2019

    Ihre Aufgaben: Hauptverantwortlicher Ansprechpartner für den technischen Betreiber des OMV Headoffices, Sicherstellung der Themen Safty und Security am Standort OMV Headoffice, Planung, Beauftragung und...

  8. Head of Technology & Innovation Management Plastic 2 Oil (m/f)

    OMV AG
    am 23.5.2019

    Your responsibilities: This cross-functional position steers the research & development effort for P2O (ReOil) as well as relevant marketing/feedstock supply activities right up to organizational, financial and controlling...

  9. Head of Department Strategy & Governance (m/f)

    OMV AG
    am 30.4.2019

    Your responsibilities: Lead the development and execution of group digital journey and IT strategy, Define the overall strategic digital and IT roadmap and direction, Has full responsibility of progress reporting for his area...

  10. Team Leader Pipeline Operations (m/f)

    OMV AG
    am 13.9.2018

    Ihre Aufgaben: Operative Tätigkeiten: Sicherstellung der Verfügbarkeit von Feldleitungen (Förder- und Hauptleitungen) Weisung von Reparatur-, Inbetriebnahme- und Abstellarbeiten für Leitungen...

  11. Head of Corporate Reputation (m/f)

    OMV AG
    am 7.5.2018

    Your Responsibilities: Group-wide planning, coordination and alignment of branding, advertising, publishing and sponsoring activities, based on the Corporate Communications strategy and the OMV Strategy 2025 with the objective...

  12. Head of CoE IT Project & Change Management (m/f)

    OMV AG
    am 7.5.2018

    Your Responsibilities: Responsible for leading the Center of Excellence IT Projects & Change Management, including all strategic IT programs/projects for the OMV group, Accountable for leading a team of 12 highly skilled Project...

  13. Hands-On Indoor Sales Teamlead (m/f)

    OMV AG
    am 30.1.2018

    Your Responsibilities: Deal with different B2B customers via telephone to sell available production volumes on spot, Leverage your customer portfolio on a daily basis for best alternative spot sales of Diesel, Heatingoil and...

  14. Head of Safety (m/f)

    OMV AG
    am 7.8.2017

    Your Responsibilities: Establish, manage and monitor standards, processes, communications, training and systems, Develop the safety strategy to meet corporate, legal and ethical requirements, Proactive analysis of safety data...

  15. Head of Project Services (m/f)

    OMV AG
    am 30.1.2017

    Your Responsibilities: Build and maintain a Project Services group in OMV by recruiting people, provide mentoring and development to employees in the group, Manage Project Services resources such as cost estimator, project...

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