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Kapsch TrafficCom

Kapsch TrafficCom

Wien · Internet, IT, Telekom

Über Kapsch TrafficCom

The world of Kapsch. At Kapsch TrafficCom, we are working on making a sustainable future for traffic a reality. We are developing innovative solutions for transport and traffic in the areas of smart urban mobility, connected vehicles, tolling, traffic management and traffic safety. Through our forward-thinking solutions, we have a clear goal: Getting from A to B in a comfortable, safe, efficient and…
Anzahl der Mitarbeiter*innen
Anzahl gesuchter Mitarbeiter*innen/Jahr
Internet, IT, Telekom
Gesuchte Positionen und Kenntnisse
Software Engineer, System Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Product Owner, Solution Architect
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Unsere Werte

Values play an essential role in the Kapsch Group. They serve as the basis for our daily cooperation and are lived by everyone worldwide.


We understand family to be pulling all on the same rope, strengthening our bonds and supporting one another.


We understand responsibility as acting in the interests of the company and its employees, bearing the consequences and taking initiative.


We understand freedom as using and designing a defined scope of action and developing this through personal engagement.


We understand transparency as being open in dealing with information, as well as the traceability of our decisions and actions in daily communication.


We understand respect as the basis of our cooperation, mutual recognition of our achievements and the opinion of others.


We understand performance as the result of the dedication and the success of each individual employee who contributes to achieving our common goals.

Was wir bieten

We are around 4.040 colleagues worldwide who work with passion, freedom and perspective - both in developing our sustainable solutions and in shaping our career paths. We are all an important part of the company and are supported from the very beginning, allowing career progress based on our individual skills and goals.

This makes Kapsch an excellent employer, a global corporation, a family business, a traditional company and an innovator all at the same time.

Unsere Benefits

  • Essenszulage

    There are several places to get supported lunch - there should be something for every taste.

  • Gesundheitsmaßnahmen

    In addition to a company doctor and benefits offered, various sports facilities are also available at a discount - whether indoor or outdoor.

  • Betriebsärzt*in

    Company doctors are available daily for medical assistance, preventive health care, vaccinations, consultation on medical issues and much more....

  • Psychische Gesundheit

    All employees have access to a Resilience & Care Counselor to provide support and guidance when challenges arise in personal or professional life.

  • Firmennotebook

    Our world is mobile - so mobile devices such as notebooks and cell phones are available to almost all employees.

  • Barrierefreiheit

    Our offices are barrier-free accessible and allow each individual an easy way to their workplace, equipped with the appropriate office infrastructure.

  • Gute Anbindung

    Kapsch is only a few minutes walk from the Meidling Schnellbahn Station and also easily accessible by numerous means of public transportation.

  • Aus- und Weiterbildung

    We support you on your career path and enable you to consolidate and advance your know-how in workshops, seminars and via e-learning.

  • Bildungskarenz/Auszeit

    To build up or expand your knowledge we offer the opportunity to take a time off or arrange educational leave over a period of several months.

  • Flexible Arbeitszeiten

    We support different working time models or flexible working to reconcile working and living time.

  • Home Office

    Flexible scheduling and modern equipment make it possible for our employees to work from home on a daily basis.

  • Personalvergünstigungen

    Benefit from special conditions at financial services and insurances, supermarkets, perfumeries, clothing stores and many more.

Wir stellen uns vor

  • Arezoo Edrisian

    Listen to your inner voice and believe in yourself!

    DI Arezoo Edrisian
    Executive Expert Operational Excellence
  • Tanja Englert

    I found my dream job through an internship at Kapsch!

    Tanja Englert MSc
    Head of Digital Finance
  • Anna Alexandra Ress

    Join a company where you can contribute to a more sustainable society.

    Anna Alexandra Ress MSc
    Trainee 2021-2023
  • Simon Erhard

    From day one, you're in the thick of things instead of just being there!

    Simon Erhard MSc
    Trainee 2020
  • Martin Stejskal

    A space where your passion gets promoted!

    Ing. Martin Stejskal MSc
    Director Global Product Development Roadside
  • Stefanie Gritzmann

    Kapsch Graduate Trainee Program kick-starts your exciting carieer in a global technology company!

    Stefanie Gritzmann MSc
    Trainee 2019 - 2021, Environmental Sustainability Manager

22 aktuelle Jobs

  1. Einblicke

    C++ Software Development Engineer (f/m/div*)

    vor 4 Stunden veröffentlicht
    Vienna Homeoffice ab 4.000 € monatlich
  2. Einblicke

    Test Engineer for Acceptance Testing (f/m/d)

    vor 1 Tag veröffentlicht
    Vienna Homeoffice ab 45.000 € jährlich
  3. Einblicke

    Lead System Engineer (f/m/d)

    vor 1 Tag veröffentlicht
    Vienna Homeoffice ab 65.000 € jährlich
  4. Einblicke

    Software Test Engineer - GNSS (f/m/div*)

    vor 1 Tag veröffentlicht
    Vienna Homeoffice ab 55.000 € jährlich
  5. Einblicke

    Embedded Software Development Engineer - V2X (f/m/d)

    vor 1 Tag veröffentlicht
    Vienna Homeoffice ab 50.000 € jährlich
  6. Einblicke

    Senior Platform Product Manager - Video Systems (f/m/d)

    vor 1 Tag veröffentlicht
    Vienna Homeoffice ab 60.000 € jährlich
  7. Einblicke

    Hardware Hochfrequenzentwickler (m/w/d)

    vor 2 Tagen veröffentlicht
    Vienna Homeoffice ab 50.000 € jährlich
  8. Einblicke

    Traffic Solutions Demand Management (f/m/div*)

    vor 2 Tagen veröffentlicht
    Vienna Homeoffice ab 80.000 € jährlich
  9. Einblicke

    Software Engineer C++ Computer Vision (f/m/d)

    vor 2 Tagen veröffentlicht
    Vienna Homeoffice ab 3.500 € monatlich
  10. Einblicke

    Controller (f/m/div*)

    vor 2 Tagen veröffentlicht
    Vienna Homeoffice ab 50.000 € jährlich
  11. Einblicke

    Bid Specialist (f/m/d)

    vor 2 Tagen veröffentlicht
    Vienna Homeoffice
  12. Einblicke

    Senior System Test Engineer

    vor 2 Tagen veröffentlicht
    Vienna Homeoffice ab 60.000 € jährlich
  13. Einblicke

    L2 Senior Application Engineer (f/m/d)

    vor 3 Tagen veröffentlicht
    Vienna Homeoffice ab 56.000 € jährlich
  14. Einblicke

    Software Test Engineer - E2E Validation (f/m/div*)

    vor 4 Tagen veröffentlicht
    Vienna Homeoffice ab 45.000 € jährlich
  15. Einblicke

    Systems Engineer with C-ITS Expertise (f/m/div*)

    vor 4 Tagen veröffentlicht
    Vienna Homeoffice ab 70.000 € jährlich