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Dynatrace Austria GmbH

Linz · Internet, IT, Telekom

Über Dynatrace Austria GmbH

Dynatrace is a software product company that was founded in Linz (AT) in 2005 and spans over 50 offices worldwide today. Believing that the world needs software to work perfectly, we reinvented our product from scratch in 2016 and surprised the market with our Software Intelligence Platform for the enterprise cloud. This platform, which combines Application performance management, Cloud infrastructure…
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Internet, IT, Telekom
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We work together, laugh together and celebrate success together. At Dynatrace we believe in solution-oriented working ethics rather than blaming and finger-pointing. We strive for collaboration to deliver the best outcome.


We are a young, agile working company that permanently challenges the status quo. Change is the only constant and we aren't afraid to lead the change to find new horizons and disrupt the competition.


We are an international company with locations all around the globe. We value our cultural diversity and offer a buddy system that helps internationals feel at home as soon as possible.


At Dynatrace we walk the talk and create solutions that simply work. We don't think outside the box, we think like there is no box. Inspiring each other rather than competing against each other is the approach motivating us every day.

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26 aktuelle Jobs

  1. SharePoint Developer (m/f/x)

    You will be responsible for: Configuring and customizing SharePoint systems according to company specifications, building scalable web applications, writing and modifying code, debugging software, and training staff. You will join our Infrastructure...

  2. Technical Consultant (m/w/x) für weltweit führendes Software Produkt

    • Vienna
    am 12.6.2021

    Technical Consultant (m/w/x) für weltweit führendes Software Produkt, Full time, Team: Dynatrace ONE Vienna Apply now Du bist auf der Suche nach einem spannenden Job in dem...

  3. Full Stack Developer (m/w/x) for Code Level Insights

    Your role: Implementation of new features for the analysis and representation of complex processes of software systems, Backend development in Java (development of performant algorithms for data analysis...

  4. Senior Java Software Developer with focus on Big Data and High Performance Computing (m/f/x)

    am 11.6.2021

    Your role: Developing the Dynatrace Software Intelligence Solution in Java (Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, Lucene, Kubernetes, Git, Jenkins, Eclipse/IntelliJ) Backend specialization (big data, cluster...

  5. Java Software Developer (m/f/x)

    am 11.6.2021

    Your role: In the team, Develop the Dynatrace Software Intelligence Solution in Java (Git, Jenkins, Gradle, Eclipse/IntelliJ) Depending on your preference specialization in Full Stack or Server-Backend...

  6. Frontend Web Developer (m/f/x)

    am 11.6.2021

    Your role: In the team, Frontend Development of new Web Applications in Angular or React (>700 Screens) Visualization of complex data sets, depending on your interests (e.g. Dashboard, Real User Monitoring...

  7. Senior Product UX Designer (m/f/x): Digital Business

    am 11.6.2021

    Your role: Join and work with a global UX team of about 30 designers sitting across our Dynatrace labs located in Austria, Poland, and the United States. Own and iteratively improve the end-to-end user...

  8. Director Product Management (m/f/x) with Go-To-Market focus

    • Linz,
    • Hagenberg ,
    • Klagenfurt ,
    • Graz,
    • Vienna
    am 9.6.2021

    Your role: In the team: Focused on the latest and greatest improvements of our Software Intelligence Platform, you understand the respective market and competitive dynamics, and strategize accordingly...

  9. Product Owner (m/f/x) Data Science/ Data Engineering

    • Hagenberg
    am 9.6.2021

    Your role: In the team, You support and accompany our Data Science teams throughout the entire development process, You engage with internal business stakeholders (product management, architects, etc...

  10. Team Lead (m/f/x) for Web/Node.js Development

    am 9.6.2021

    Your role: Ensuring smooth and effective teamwork, focusing on mentoring, coaching and leadership. You act as software engineer (JavaScript / Node.js, TypeScript), continuously building upon and improving...

  11. Lead Product Engineer (m/f/x)

    am 8.6.2021

    Your role: In the team, After an initial ramp-up phase (6-12 months) you will gradually take on more responsibility and act as Lead Product Engineer (LPE), where you focus on engineering, value creation...

  12. Privacy Product Manager (m/f/x)

    am 8.6.2021

    Your role: In the team: You work in a global team and collaborate tightly with product management, security, development, legal, support, sales, and marketing, to bring Dynatrace's already strong data...

  13. Subject Matter Expert and Engineering Advocate for Cloud Technologies (m/f/x)

    am 8.6.2021

    Your role: You will actively contribute to cloud standards and communities, stay in touch with your counterparts at different cloud vendors and educate the team on new developments. You provide continuous...

  14. Developer (m/f/x) for Software Delivery Automation Platform

    • Klagenfurt
    am 8.6.2021

    Your role: Further develop the Open Source Framework Keptn to improve our Continuous Delivery Control-Plane, Work with cutting-edge technologies (Kubernetes, CloudEvents, Istio, OpenShift, …)...

  15. Product Owner (m/f/x)

    • Vienna
    am 7.6.2021

    Your role: In the team, You support and accompany your development team throughout the entire software development process, In cooperation with your team and internal stakeholders (product management...