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Wie wir arbeiten

Johannes Grünauer can choose his working hours around the stand-ups. 

Igor Pernek has the possibility to work from home but comes to the office because it's really fun and he has a good time there.

Iulian Radu never used MacBooks before. Now he got used to it and likes it. If he needs any other equipment, he simply has to ask for it.

Unsere Werte

  • Love for technology

    We at MobFox believe in automation and a solid mix of established and fresh new technologies.

  • Respect

    Respect and an open mind for new ideas and thoughts of our colleagues is what brought us where we are today.

  • Desire to learn

    All MobFox’es come to us because they want to learn and explore new technologies. What about you?

  • Startup culture

    MobFox was a startup before the exit to Matomy Media Group and is still an open minded startup culture today. Come and see for yourself.

Was wir bieten

What makes it interesting to work for us? - We have a unique position in the market and inside our mother ship „Matomy Media Group“, which bought MobFox in late 2014. As such we are independent to operate, which allows us to keep our pre-existing startup spirit while getting awesome support from our much bigger mother, which propelled us to where we are now. We are a great team together! This special…


Johannes Grünauer is currently in the process of switching teams, to take new challenges, which he is excited about. Iulian Radu is the scrum master and developer at the same time for the MobFox User Interface team. So he is his own boss, which comes with challenges he is eager to solve and grow from. Igor Pernek told us, that there is the possibility to change teams if someone wants to take on a new…


  • Essen & Trinken
  • Arbeitsplatz & Infrastruktur
  • Work-Life-Balance
  • Vergünstigungen & Zuwendungen
Essen & Trinken Mehr erfahren
  • Snacks

    Come to the dark side, we have cookies (and nuts).

  • Getränke

    All you can „coffee“ and „tee“ of course as well as a coke fridge.

  • Obst

    After the cookies, you can fetch some fruits to ease your mind. Once a week we fill it up.

Arbeitsplatz & Infrastruktur Mehr erfahren
  • Mitarbeiternotebook

    Each employee gets a brand-new apple notebook plus how many screens they want and other gadgets necessary to do great work and feel good at it.

  • Paten- & Mentoren-Programm

    Every employee gets a mentor to get her/him on-board. We feel obligated to welcome everyone into the teams as smooth as possible as we would also like that ourselves.

  • Parkplatz

    There is a parking space available next to the office. So, feel free to come by car.

  • Gute Anbindung

    Our office is located next to the TU Wien at Karlsplatz. That means you can reach us with: U1, U2, U4 und 1, 2, D, J (Tram).

Work-Life-Balance Mehr erfahren
  • Mitarbeiter-Events

    We organise team events to forget about the code and instead build something with our bare hands or jump from an airplane (with a parachute).…

  • Fun-Corner

    We have a table soccer table (of course) and a room with a big canvas and an Xbox and some highscores waiting to be beaten after work.

  • Flexible Arbeitszeiten

    We love teamwork and being and achieveing things together at the office. Still sometimes it is necessary to be at home in the morning or work from home even.

Vergünstigungen & Zuwendungen Mehr erfahren
  • Mitarbeitervergünstigungen

    Some shops nearby give discounts when you say that you are a „MobFox“ :)

  • Mitarbeiterprämien

    We offer EUR 1.000 if we hire someone you bring in. Money well earned as you will also benefit from having a great new colleague.

  • Mitarbeitergeschenke

    We love to make small presents at people’s birthdays :)

Was unser Team ausmacht

The hierarchy at MobFox is very flat, Iulian Radu can speak to everybody if he likes to. They also have team events at MobFox. Lately they built soap cars and had a race with them, afterwards they donated them to SOS Kinderdorf. Johannes Grünauer discusses tasks with his colleagues. They do not have to wait for special meetings to make decisions, it all happens naturally every day. After lunch, Igor…