Barracuda Networks AG

Barracuda Networks AG

Innsbruck · Internet, IT, Telekom

Wie wir arbeiten

There are small, medium and large offices. The working times are flexible. Everyone can decide when they want to start working in the morning. The office is quiet and modernly equipped.

Unsere Werte

  • Diversity

    As employer, we value the cultural diversity that shapes us as a company. Many of our employees are from different countries.

  • Internationality

    Barracuda Networks is an international company. Our customers and resellers are also located all over the world. It is natural for us to speak the language of our customers, and our main European offices are characterized by the cultural diversity of their staffs.

  • Customer Focus

    We are 100% focused on our customers because we wouldn’t be here without them. We base our success on customer satisfaction, which is one reason why we take customer feedback seriously.

  • Flexibility

    As employer, we offer our employees flexibility – for example, with flextime. Our flexibility helps us to react quickly to market demands.

  • Innovation

    We are constantly aiming to improve our products so that we can live up to our high standards and become the leader in secure technologies.

Unsere Kollegen erzählen

  • Michael Rampl

    Ich kenne wenig Entwickler, welche in ihren Firmen so selbstbestimmend arbeiten dürfen, wie bei Barracuda. Beginnend bei der Projektwahl, über die Zeiteinteilung bis zum Einrichten des eigenen Arbeitsplatzes (Wahl des OS, tools, etc). Die Produktpalette von Barracuda ist sehr vielseitig. Deshalb kommen auch in der Entwicklung unterschiedlichste Technologien zum Einsatz, was das Tätigkeitsfeld sehr vielseitig und interessant macht.

    Michael Rampl
    Software Engineer
  • Christoph Mosböck

    Ein gutes Arbeitsklima ist das A und O für mich und das ist in der Firma hervorragend.

    Christoph Mosböck
    IT Operator
  • Jesus Cordero

    In Barracuda Networks we enjoy an environment where everyone can develop new skills and stay up to date to the standards in the market and beyond. The possibility to collaborate with a strong partner channel and end customers keeps the daily business interesting and challenging.

    Jesus Cordero
    Pre-Sales Consultant for CloudGen Firewalls EMEA
  • Jürgen Koglbauer

    I love my Job, because I have great colleagues and you can feel the Cuda spirit in all departments. That means everyone here gives 120% every day to make incredible things possible. Since we work very closely with our customers, we can implement visionary ideas very quickly. We also have excellent managers who support and inspire us to make all this possible. In summary, I would like to say that Barracuda is an international company where people from all over the world enjoy working together with a lot of fun and motivation.

    Jürgen Koglbauer
    Technischer Trainer
  • Michael Holzer

    Jede Arbeit fällt leicht, wenn du ein gutes Team hast, welches dich unterstützen kann. Wir tun alles, um das auch zu garantieren.

    Michael Holzer
    Technical Team Lead
  • Anna Larch

    Barracuda provides me with the challenges and opportunities to keep growing in my abilities every day.

    Anna Larch
    Web Developer

Was wir bieten

Our flat hierarchies and informal, open atmosphere promote a lively working environment in a multi-cultural team that uses English as its company language. From our fast growth as a company new challenges are arising for our talented indiviudals.


There are clear career paths you can follow. You will be able to visit courses and do some skill sharing with other employees. Since there is a lot to be learned everyone learns something new every day.


  • Essen & Trinken
  • Gesundheit & Fitness
  • Arbeitsplatz & Infrastruktur
  • Work-Life-Balance
  • Vergünstigungen & Zuwendungen
Essen & Trinken Mehr erfahren
  • Kantine

    We offer all employees price-reduced lunches in our cafeteria.

  • Snacks

    Yoghurts and other snacks are available for free.

  • Getränke

    Hot and cold drinks are available for free anytime

  • Obst

    Fruit is available for free all day in our Cuda Lounge

Gesundheit & Fitness Mehr erfahren
  • Gesundheitsmaßnahmen

    Various health programs are offered by Barracuda – for example, weekly massages

  • Betriebsarzt

    Comprehensive screening, check-ups, and inoculations are offered right in the office.

  • Fitnessangebote

    We offer employees free membership to our partner fitness centers in Innsbruck and Vienna.

Arbeitsplatz & Infrastruktur Mehr erfahren
  • Firmenwagen

    We provide a company car whenever appropriate

  • Mitarbeiterhandy

    We provide a company cellphone whenever appropriate

  • Mitarbeiternotebook

    We provide a laptop whenever appropriate. The laptops may also be used for private purposes

  • Barrierefreiheit

    All of our offices are designed barrier free

  • Hunde geduldet

  • Paten- & Mentoren-Programm

    Various training programs are offered depending on department. In addition, performance reviews take place once a year

  • Parkplatz

    A certain number of parking spots are reserved for our employees either in front of our building or in a parking garage directly beneath it

  • Gute Anbindung

    Our offices can be easily reached by public transportation

  • Aus- und Weiterbildung

    Free in-house English courses leading to certification (for example, the Cambridge Certificate) and numerous company courses (Barracuda University)…

Work-Life-Balance Mehr erfahren
  • Mitarbeiter-Events

    Barbecues, Christmas parties, and various other events take place throughout the year.

  • Fun-Corner

    A dartboard, PlayStation etc. are available.

  • Flexible Arbeitszeiten

    Company-wide flextime is available for all our employees

Vergünstigungen & Zuwendungen Mehr erfahren
  • Mitarbeitervergünstigungen

    Our employees can take advantage of various discounted rates at, for example, drugstores and furniture stores.

  • Mitarbeiterbeteiligung

    Employee stock and profit-sharing options are available to all our employees.

  • Mitarbeiterprämien

    Employees who recruit a new colleague receive a bonus.

  • Zusatzversicherungen

    Barracuda provides all employees with travel insurance in case of job-related accidents.

  • Verkehrsmittelzuschuss

  • Mitarbeitergeschenke

    We offer gift certificates for marriages and births.

Was unser Team ausmacht

Everyone tries to profit from each other’s knowledge. If you have questions you can approach your colleagues any time. The teams also like to meet up with each other after work.