System-Level Assessment of GaN HEMTs Performance

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System-Level Assessment of GaN HEMTs Performance

We are offering a PhD thesis with the goal to develop a virtual prototype environment for the study and extraction of the system level performance of GaN technology.

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Location: Villach
Job ID: 23851
Start date: 01.02.2018

Type of employment: Full time
Length of contract: Temporary

Job description
Gallium Nitride (GaN) is a direct band gap semiconductor, with a band gap of 3.4 eV, 2.4x wider than Gallium Arsenide and 3x wider than Silicon. This unique feature makes GaN better suited for high-power and high-frequency devices, as it derives lower switching and conduction losses. In turn, this translates to lower size, weight and total solution cost to power and RF applications utilizing GaN. Gallium Nitride switch performance features low charge and excellent dynamic performance in reverse conduction compared to Silicon FET options, enabling more efficient operation in today´s applications at existing frequencies. The low device charges also allow for a substantial increase of the system frequency and the design of new and more performing topologies. Higher frequency operation can improve power density also by shrinking the size of passive components as well as saving energy on cooling the whole system.

However, due to the very complex nature of GaN technology, there is the need of a full system approach where technology, packaging and application are all optimized at the same time. Technology optimization, packaging parasitics minimization and application specific requirements must be all fulfilled at the same time. This implies, first, a complete and detailed understanding of the system and, second, a fast and reliable system approach that can address the individual components of this chain and optimize them based on the final specific product requirements.

This research activity is aimed, in particular, at the development of a virtual prototype environment for the study and extraction of the system level performance of GaN technology. In particular, mixed-mode TCAD simulation and spice circuit simulations will be used with the main purpose of correlating the device figures of merit (FOMs) of GaN-based field effect transistors with the system-level performance of DC/DC and AC/DC converters based on GaN technology. Special emphasis will be given at the study and understanding of the impact of the dynamic effects, that still today affect the performance and reliability of GaN field effect transistors, on the overall system efficiency. In particular, the effects of dynamic RDSON, current collapse and threshold voltage instabilities will be investigated in details under, both, hard-switching and soft-switching conditions.

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The candidate will strongly interact with the Infineon GaN Application Engineering Team and with the Infineon GaN Technology Team. His main task will be to understand, first, the application requirements and the main and most common circuit topologies today used for the design of power converters. Second, he will implement and perform TCAD mixed-mode simulations that mimic the behaviour of real power converters with the main target of correlating the different device FOMs with the overall system efficiency.

The applicant must have a research oriented masters degree; MSEE in electronic engineering is preferred. Strong experience with circuit simulation (Spectre, Simetrix, …) tools and circuit design is required; Good practice of software programming. Knowledge in semiconductor device physics with particular emphasis on power transistors and GaN technology is a plus.

You are best equipped for this task if you have:

  • MSEE in Electronic Engineering
  • Knowledge of power semiconductor physics
  • Strong background in circuit design and circuit simulations
  • Experience with design of power converters is a plus
  • Basic experience with TCAD tools for device modelling: Synopsys, SILVACO
  • Experience with circuit simulation tools: Spectre, Simetrix,
  • Fluent English skills

Start: 01.02.2018 (or later)
Full-time employment (38.5 hrs/week)
Duration: 3 years

This position is subject to the collective agreement for workers and employees in the electrical and electronics industry. The salary for this position is EUR 2.590,- gross p.m.(full-time basis).

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