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SignPath GmbH
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  • 14.11.2017

SignPath GmbH is an internal startup company in downtown Vienna. We are creating a new solution to an old problem: code signing.

We are looking for a


to join our team. Being the product manager, you will enhance and refine our vision, talk to partners and customers, and generally just help us serve a market while we are creating it. We aim to be at the center of all things code signing, and so you will be. Be prepared to dive into the topic head over heels, write a few papers, give a few talks, and generally just help a lost industry find its way.

As a product owner in an agile team, you work closely with developers to create detailed requirements specifications because they need their scope managed.


  • You know how development teams work, especially when it comes to the build process. While Continuous Integration has become an industry commodity, integrating code signing has not. There are few best practices around, we will fix this. Development teams are our users, we understand their needs and priorities.
  • Security is front and center in this venture. Every idea we come up with, we first have to check if there is a secure way to build it. We check and double-check our architecture, we write secure code, we provide a secure service, we review and test for security. Did we mention the importance of security?
  • Our features are about security too. Code signing uses X.509 certificates, so you understand PKI. You have a good taste for alphabet soup, and even if CAs, EV Certs, HSMs, Authenticode, KeyStores and PKCS don't mean the world to you yet, you're not afraid of them either. Top it off with SAML and OAuth for good measure. The world has become a complicated place.
  • You know how Open Source works. They need to sign their stuff too.
  • If this looks like a familiar story to you, we bet you know the product owner drill.

We write specifications in English, but we're also a team of German speakers. So speaking some German would help in everyday situations, even if it's not strictly necessary for this position. It is important that your English is up to the job though. If you can speak English with a very harsh accent, that might do.


In addition to the thrilling environment of an industry-shaping startup, we offer beautiful office space with perfect transport connection, state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure, and all amenities and the professional support of our parent company rubicon IT GmbH.

If we have you thinking it doesn't get much better than this, we want to hear from you today!
Send your application to

Austrian labor law requires us to advise that this job pays at least EUR 44.786 per year. Actual salaries are negotiated individually based on talent, experience and mojo.

SignPath GmbH I Werdertorgasse 14, 1010 Vienna I

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SignPath GmbH

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