The Children’s Cancer Research Institute (CCRI) of the St. Anna Kinderkrebsforschung Association is part of a prospering biomedical research hub at the heart of Vienna (Austria), the “world’s most liveable city”. The CCRI is a renowned multidisciplinary research institution with tight links to the St. Anna Children's Hospital, a leading paediatric cancer centre, and the spin-off company LabDia Labordiagnostik GmbH. The paramount aim of the CCRI is to improve treatment outcome of malignant diseases in children and adolescents by performing basic, translational and clinical research (

The “Tumour Immunoediting laboratory” ( under the leadership of Eva König (née Putz) is offering a

PhD student position in Tumour Immunology

In recent years, novel anti-cancer therapies (such as immunotherapy) have reached clinics and shown promising results. However, oncologists are still facing challenges caused by resistance to therapy and secondary metastasis. The identification of basic mechanisms underlying tumour immune escape is of utmost importance to find novel therapeutic targets that show sustained success. We aim to identify the mechanisms that allow leukemic cells to avoid NK cell-mediated eradication. We are using mouse models and a broad spectrum of techniques, including biochemical approaches, immune-fluorescence-based protein expression profiling and genome-wide transcriptome analysis to find molecular mechanisms underlying the evasion of leukaemia from the immune system.

Your qualifications:

Applicants should have a master’s degree in life sciences (e.g. Molecular Biology, Genetics and Microbiology, Biotechnology, or similar) and the motivation to pursue an ambitious research project. The ideal candidate will be enthusiastic and self-motivated, and will show excellent technical and organizational skills. Fluency in the English language and an inherent ability to work in a team are basic requirements for a successful application. We are seeking a co-worker with high social skills and the ambition to advance his/her training.

The PhD position (N094, MUW) is open immediately and funded by the FWF stand-alone project P32001-B (please see for the salary scheme).

Your application:

If we caught your interest, please send an application before the 04.10.2019 including your CV, letter of motivation and the contact details of two referees to Eva König, PhD, email: