AVL is the world's largest independent company for development of powertrains (combustion engines, hybrid systems, electric drive) as well as simulation and test systems for passenger cars, trucks and marine engines.

We offer a bachelor thesis:

Real Life Performance of Binary Serialization Formats in Managed Languages

Complex software is often built and distributed across several platforms. User interfaces can be developed using a different programming language than the backend, software can run on a single machine, or be distributed to several machines, either using an on premise computer network or a cloud environment. Such cross-platform architecture requires constant data exchange between different parts of a distributed system. Binary data serialization formats (Google Protocol Buffers, BSON, Cap'n Proto, etc.) can be used to perform these tasks. However, experience shows that many of these formats may be optimized for one platform, but have a negative impact on the overall software performance on a different platform.




Remuneration: The successful completion of the thesis is remunerated with a one-time fee of EUR 1,650 before tax.

According to the Austrian Employment of Foreign Nationals Act it is unfortunately not possible to assign graduate work to third-country citizens (Non-EU citizens) and Croatian citizens who study at a university abroad.

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