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Wien Internet, IT, Telekom

Über Smart Information Systems GmbH

SMARTASSISTANT is the market-leading solution for interactive Guided Selling solutions. Started in 2006, SMARTASSISTANT today is used by multiple global businesses of all sizes and industries - in more than 100 product categories and in over 35 languages. The solution is ideal for any company that understands the power that lies in "helping shoppers choose" and wants to create more personalized and…
Anzahl der Mitarbeiter
11 - 30
Internet, IT, Telekom

4 aktuelle Jobs

  1. UX Lead

    UX Lead Vienna, Austria, Customer Success DESCRIPTION About SMARTASSISTANT SMARTASSISTANT is the leading global technology provider for interactive advice solutions across all channels...

  2. Praktikum (FT) - eCommerce Projektmanagement

    Ihre Aufgaben: Du erforscht und erstellst Konzepte für interaktive Produktberaterlösungen, Du unterstützt unsere Kunden bei der Umsetzung von digitalen Beratungslösungen und bringst innovative...

  3. Data Scientist

    Data Scientist Vienna, Austria • IT and Development Description Have you ever shopped online and didn't really know which of the thousands of products to pick? Or have you been...

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